5 Market Research Websites with Useful Data

Consumer data and behavior insights can be vital piece of information to businesses and Marketers in order to better understand their target audience. Below we have listed 5 websites that have tons of data and analytics that covers a wide range of topics.

5 Market Research Websites

  • Marketer’s Almanac
  • Pew Research Center
  • American Fact Finder
  • FedStats
  • Nielsen’s MyBestSegments

Nielsen’s MyBestSegments

Nielsen’s MyBestSegments provides researchers with tools to understand an area’s demographic information and lifestyle habits. You can find out which areas would be most receptive to a campaign or launch, which competitors are located nearby, and trends in the area that have shifted. 

topics: Demographics, Digital, Entertainment, CPG, FMCG and Retail, Innovations, Markets and Finance and Media

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Pew Research Center

From economic conditions, to political attitudes, to social media usage, the Pew Research Center website has a ton of free research that you can use to better understand your target market. Best of all, the site has a sleek UI and interactive charts that reveal more granular data as you hover over certain elements.

Download DataSets, Politics, Media and News, Social Trends, Tech, Religion, Science, Global and more.

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American Fact Finder

Multiple years of U.S. Census Data, Business Stats, Economic Indicators, Foreign Trade, Geography, Housing, Government Stats and more.

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FedStats provides an up-to-date forum for finding data released by federal agencies, including agriculture, education, transportation, and energy.

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Think with Google

Think with Google is the “insights and data trends” blog from Google. Insight on shopping plus tools to help you better understand your audience.

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Bonus Tool: Make My Persona

The MakeMyPersona tool is an interactive web tool that generates buyer personas for you once you answer a series of questions about your ideal customers. The tool provides plenty of guidance throughout the process, making it really easy for you to sort through the information you have about your ideal audience. 

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